Reverse() function

The reverse() method is useful when you need to process the elements of an array in reverse order, such as displaying or processing data from the end of an array to the beginning. The method iterates over the array and swaps the values of the first and last elements, then the second and second-to-last elements, and so on, until the middle of the array is reached. This effectively reverses the order of the elements in the array.

Here is an example of using the reverse() method to reverse the order of elements in an array of country names:

var countries = ["USA", "Canada", "Mexico", "Brazil", "Argentina"];

// Reverse the order of the countries array

// Output the reversed array
Logger.log(countries); // Outputs: ["Argentina", "Brazil", "Mexico", "Canada", "USA"]

In this example, we call the reverse() method on the countries array to reverse the order of its elements. The original countries array is modified in place, and the reversed array is outputted to the log using the Logger.log() method.