Comments in Apps Script

Comments in Apps Script are text annotations that are added to the code for the purpose of providing information about the code. They are not executed by the computer but are used to make the code more readable and understandable to the human reader.

Comments in Apps Script can be used to explain the purpose of a particular code section, to provide context, to give credit to the author, or to suggest modifications. They can also be used to disable a portion of the code temporarily, which is useful for debugging.

To add a comment in Apps Script, you can use the double forward slash (//) for single-line comments or the forward slash and asterisk (/* */) for multi-line comments.

Single-line comment:

// This is a single-line comment in Apps Script

Multi-line comment:

This is a multi-line comment
that can span multiple lines
in Apps Script

Using comments in Apps Script includes keeping comments up-to-date with code changes, using descriptive names for variables and functions, and avoiding excessive commenting. Comments should be used to provide useful information that is not already apparent from the code itself.