Clickable images and drawings

Clickable images and drawings can be a useful feature in Google Sheets to enhance the user experience and make the spreadsheet more interactive. With the help of Apps Script, it’s possible to create images or drawings that can be clicked to trigger a script or perform a specific action.

Here are the steps to create clickable images and drawings in Google Sheets using Apps Script:

  1. Insert an image or drawing into your spreadsheet by going to Insert > Image or Insert > Drawing. Resize and position the image or drawing as desired.
  2. Open the script editor by going to Tools > Script editor.
  3. In the script editor, create a function that will be triggered when the image or drawing is clicked. For example, you could create a function that opens a URL or displays a message. Here’s an example function that opens a URL:
function openUrl() {
  var url = "";;
  1. Assign the function to the image or drawing by right-clicking on the image or drawing and selecting “Assign script”. Enter the name of the function you created in step 3 and click “OK”.
  2. Test the clickable image or drawing by clicking on it in the spreadsheet. It should trigger the function you assigned to it.

By using this technique, you can create interactive dashboards or reports with clickable images or drawings that allow users to perform actions within the spreadsheet.