File-open dialogs

A file-open dialog is a type of dialog box that allows users to browse and select a file from their Google Drive or their computer’s local storage. In Apps Script, file-open dialogs can be used to prompt users to select a file that will be used in a script. To create a file-open dialog in … Read more

Custom sidebars

Custom sidebars in Google Sheets are a great way to add extra functionality to your spreadsheet. They allow you to create a custom user interface that can interact with the sheet data in real-time. Custom sidebars can be used to display data, charts, and other visualizations, or to provide tools for data manipulation, analysis, and … Read more

Custom Dialogs

Custom dialogs in Apps Script allow you to create pop-up windows with custom inputs, messages, and buttons. These are useful for creating forms, inputting data, and obtaining user input. To create a custom dialog, you can use the ui class provided by Apps Script. This class provides methods for creating different types of dialogs such … Read more

Alert dialogs

Alert dialogs are a useful feature of Google Apps Script that allow you to display a pop-up message to the user when a certain condition is met. This can be particularly helpful for providing feedback or warnings to users when they are using your script. Here is an example of how to create an alert … Read more

Clickable images and drawings

Clickable images and drawings can be a useful feature in Google Sheets to enhance the user experience and make the spreadsheet more interactive. With the help of Apps Script, it’s possible to create images or drawings that can be clicked to trigger a script or perform a specific action. Here are the steps to create … Read more

Create Custom Menus

To create a custom menu in Apps Script, follow these steps: In this example, the onOpen() the function creates a custom menu with three menu items and a separator. Each menu item is linked to a separate function that will be called when the item is selected. You can customize the menu items and their … Read more

Menus, dialogs, and sidebars

In Google Apps Script, menus, dialogs, and sidebars are user interface elements that can be used to enhance the functionality of a Google Sheets, Docs, or Forms application. Menus Menus are a great way to group related actions or commands in an organized manner. They appear at the top of the document, and when clicked, … Read more

Arrays in Apps Script

Arrays are a fundamental data structure in computer programming that allows you to store and manipulate collections of values. Google Apps Script, a scripting language used to automate tasks and build applications in the Google Workspace ecosystem, provides a robust set of tools for working with arrays. Creating an Array To create an array in … Read more